Code 9 showing ,help?

Help!! My 2011 gem shows a code nine and won’t exceed 15-16 mph ,changed out direction switch but no difference any ideas? Thanks

If you changed out the FW/HI/LO and Reverse switch it is likely you have a short in one of the wires that goto the control board, One of the wires may have been rubbing on something and is now shorting to ground or maybe Low and High are somehow shorting together. But it sounds like you only have LOW gear.

Hey where did you buy the Direction switch I’m in the market for one

I got mine from nev - but I think my old one is good if you want me to send it too you for testing. Should work but no guarantee.

Also on ebay.

Thanks for the info I’ll check for shorts or grounding. I got the switch from nev also , about 26$.

One other thing is it runs 10 mph on low , and 15-16 on high? Thank you I love my gem.

Update on speed problem of running only 15-16 mph ,changed speed selection switch ,no change. Let sit for a couple weeks and it runs fine , must have been moisture?

Back to 16 mph max speed ,no visible wire wear , is the magnet on end of motor a speed sensor?

Someone will have to check pins 4, 5, and 6 at controller.
A dealer can look in sentry monitor sw.
The switch sends +72v to one pin at a time.

Probing pins is a difficult task. @LithiumGods is testing a breakout board that makes it easier.

Thank you I’ll take it to the dealer