Main Contact issues?

I have a 2002 with a T2 controller. The other day the car Stoped working and this is what is happening.

You turn the key on and the Main Contact connects (but not all the time) it only makes Concatct for a second and then quickly disconnects. I’m not getting any error codes on the dash and when I checked the voltage at the 2 small wires at the base of the main contact I have 0.00 voltage. Any clues ???

  1. Parking brake switch.

  2. Ignition switch

  3. Little black primary relay if equipped. Pull the 2 wires off and connect them together.

What is this little black primary relay you speek of? And what 2 wires are you taking about


My machine is a 99

Another unlikely possibility is the charger interlock - unplug the wires and jumper them.



Rodney; thanks a bunch the pictures are a big help and Yes the 2002 has the same wires and black box/ relay. Your saying tie thoes 2 together?

Another Intresting fact about this strange occuranc is when you turn the key and the main contact dosen’t make the loud “CLICK” you can hear what sounds like a relay click ON and then right away click OFF. It sounds like it’s comming from the dc to dc converter. I will go right now and try and Jump the 2 grey wires you mentioned

Thanks Rodney that’s what it turned out to be is the black relay

Ok the problem has surfaced again. When I take the white and grey wires off the relay that Rodney pointed out and connect them together The main contact connects and the car lights up and works as it should. When I took the relay out of my working can and installed it in the broken car it still is “No Workey”


The electrical schematic I have doesnt show that relay or the little square timer under it. I assume they were added after my drawing was published. I assume these 2 components provide the main contactor drop out after 30 seconds. It’s strange but that circuit would be on page 30 in the repair manual but page 30 is blank in both manuals I have. It’s Saturday and the guy I can ask does’nt work weekends. Since you have a donor car take a few minutes and swap out the little square timer and see if that helps.

Any body out there got a manual or schematic that includes this circuit???


That timer circuit was installed with the New DC to DC power supply I’ll take your advice and swap it out and see if anything changes

Let me further explain. All the cars I have delt with that have a Updated Dc to DC power supply have the 2 extra relays 1 is the timer on and the 2nd one is the one you first suggested to jump. Probabley the reason your owners manual dosen’t show them is because that was a add on after the manuals were made. It was part of the recall items replaced.

Thanks for the update.

Ok I swaped out the relay that has the timer on it. That dosent fix it. The only thing that works is if you connect these 2 wires together. These are the ones you talked about earlyer.

When you connect those 2 together the Dash lights up -04 like its suposed to and when you drop the Ebrake the main contact connects. So I’m scratching my head, any more Ideas

I’ll try to get ahold of my guy next week.


I talked to my Tech buddy this morning. The first relay you swapped out should have fixed it. He says this a common problem and relay change out usually fixes it.

Suggestion: Unplug the charging lock out wires from the Zivan and jumper them and see if this does anything to help…


Rodney: I was thinking about doing exactly because the Green wire that go’s from the Chargers interlock and then over to the timer is the same green wire.

But it’s all to late now. I’ll explain. I sold the car to a friend. He drove it around for about 4-5 months. He sold it to a buddy and the day the guy bought it the car broke down :frowning: I felt real bad for the new guy that bought it ( how crappy would it be to buy somthing and it breaks down the day you pay for it) I tryed my hardest to fix it but in the end the New owner called a Moble repair shop and B4 I could get back over the car was off to be repaired and the painted!!!

I will be real interested to find out what they find out

So would I. Keep us up to date.

Help! I am having the same issue. Sent my controller out for a rebuild and same thing is happening.