DEKA gell switch?

Have 2013 E2 and just put Deka gells in. Do I need to change the charger specs? If so how do I do that??

What type of batteries did you take out.

Had the original batteries and previous owner was sold Deka AGM 1 year ago and it sit and the went bad. Talked to DEKA and they said wrong batteries and got Deka gell 2 weeks ago. nothing has been changed cents new… --------------------------------------------

Count the blinks on the charger looking over the drivers front wheel.
Look for a code that partially repeats. ie. 1-3, 1-3.

My charger doesn’t have blinking lights. Top has 4 symbles top looks sort of like 2 yeald signs and the 2nd “where the light is on” looks like a stretched out S on its side. The lower light is in the 5th position of 6 marked IIIII . Does this help ??

This type should blink also.

I have 2 lights on the one I have and looks different than this one. Top light is in the 2nd position down and the 2nd is in the 5th position down. The very top 1 has 2 triangles similar to the ones in the 4th position in your view.

If it’s delta q, it should blink the code for a few seconds when connected to a.c. power and main switch is off.

My lights never blink. Evidently the bottom 6 locations are the amount of discharge. When I 1st checked it was at the 2nd spot {II} when I put it on charge when it was needing it - it was in spot 6 {IIIIII} and after charge I had both lights On the top 4 spots -yellow in 2nd spot -S on its side stretched out. I think it represents AC power. And green in 3rd spot that looks like a battery that is yellow the full length. The 4th spot looks like a battery with a small portion of it not yellow. And the top spot is 2 triangles with ! inside them. Don’t know what type charger I have.