Dealer Plug

A month and a half ago I bought a nice 1999 4 seater. 2 weeks later the Controller died. (code49) Paper work that came with the cart indicated the controller had been worked on by FSIP. I checked and they warrent their work for a year.

I pulled the unit and took it to Bill Bryan Dodge in Fruitland Park and gave it to Richard Gallop the GEM Service Manager. He asked me my problem and if I had any paperwork. He looked everything over and said “I can handle this”. 2 1/2 weeks later got a call to pick it up.

FSIP stood by the warrenty. Total Charges from Bill Bryan Dodge. $26.75 for shipping.

These were the people that programmed my Delta Q when I couldn’t and wouldn’t even write a ticket.


NOTE: Charges for the first time the controller was worked on were only $213. I don’t know if FSIP will deal with a customer directly but it’s worth a looksee.