2014 e2: New Motor Needed - Best Place To Purchase?

Good morning - my 2014 e2 needs a new electric motor controller (part # 4014222) and my local dealer wants $1100.00 - can anyone offer a better place to order this part from? Many thanks in advance. Mike

They can be rebuilt for 1/2.
What are the symptoms?
Error Code?
Some are easy fixes. Ie. -66
If no error code, you may need a 2nd opinion before spending that much.
I believe that your t5 can be replaced with more common t4 or even t3 ge controller.
Fsip can remanufacture it for you.

57 is the code being displayed…FSIP?

Located FSIP in PA - thanks - will contact.

Could be loose wire or battery issue for 57.
Are they an experienced dealer?
If yes, then it might be controller.

Three codes were displayed: 51, 57 & 64. After shutting off MDS overnight, then on, cart did move. Now does not move and only displays 57…

Sounds like low voltage to me.
If they look at levels in Sentry monitor sw. It should tell them what’s up.
If they are unable. It might be an expensive repair.
Only a couple hundred $ for sw and cable. If they work on Gems they need it.

New GEL batteries and are fully charged…

Doesn’t mean voltage is good at controller.
Don’t get me wrong. They may be very knowledgeable and controller is bad.
Seems like a lot of codes for it to have failed.
I wonder if they reset the 23p connector?


Just pulled the connector off and back on. Code is now 64…

if it is the t4 I have a used one with high speed setting so your cart would go about 32 mph instead of 25 . I want $450 for it plus shipping

I’ll do $50 for the bad one,
I’d like to see what’s inside!

Thanks to all, particularly Inwo. Controller is w FSIP for re-build.