A fustrated friend... not me.. honest

I have a friend with an '05 eS… he has replaced about everything… if there is a rain cloud that can hang over someone and their GEM car he is it… when he bought the car it had a mix of batteries… he replaced them with something… not Deka which seem to work best for the 05… after burning out the charger he put in re-furbished Dekas… about half the price of the ones I buy from the same distributor… the shop he had his car at. decided to return the car to him by driving it… about 10.5 miles… somewhere along the way the car over heated… it was towed on to his house… not sure why or how the motor and transaxle were both toast… he replaced the transaxle and I lent him my 5hp motor… he was unhappy with the stock car so went to Ride-4-Fun for their 7hp motor… still not happy sent his controller to them and they reported it as being unrepairable and sold him a new one… that brings you up to speed…

now he is again having overheating his words "I wanted to see why I could get out of a little more effort. The streets chosen are a little more difficult than most. I went a total of 2.6 miles! I started with 77.2v. in the system. At 1.6 miles I got a Code 41 and the code was 41. The motor was 134, controller 126. In another .2 mile I got a code 51 with motor at 161 and controller 132 so I went home. Total trip 2.6 miles and still had 76.6v. One bar was blank. I want to add, when I first drove it with the remanufactured controller, the motor was softer on acceleration. It just did not perform well. When I consider all of this, I think it is a defective controller. Why the code 51?

Why did it not get 72 volts when I had 76 and a fraction after I got home?"

The batteries are Deka. One under the PU bed says UPS 12-350 MR

Under it is AH 93. As I recall the Ah should be higher. Will try to find on the Internet.

The voltage per battery is interesting. 12.85, 12.83, 12.9, 12.84, 12.91, 12.93 volts. I am surprised they are so uniform. Maybe that says the re manufactured controller is not a good one"

I’m just a driver but think he needs batteries… a year or so ago I went thru the Frustration process and with your help I made my car a lot of fun to drive… what do you all think… really would like to make him a happy GEM driver…

Rebuilt batteries - Nah!

yes… guess the price sounded good… the guy asks my opinion and does his own thing… every problem he is having I’ve been thru… my battery problem was AGM batteries… fought them before finding a Deka dealer… sadly he had the recycled batteries when I said go with Deka… $1200 VS $600… In the long run the extra money would have saved some of his fustration… he did send me a note saying his wife had gone for a drive and had no problems… maybe she knows how to drive the car andhe doesn’t… oh my