Continued controller issues

New to the forum. I have had my 2002 e4 for about 3 years. The first year I replaced the failing interstate batteries with the correct Trojan batteries and all was well for about 6 months. In October 2011, the GEM died and I had the mobile service out and they found a dead controller. It was replaced to the tune of $1000. In March 2012, dead again with error code 51. GEM service out again - found a bad ground on the controller. Replaced the controller under “warranty” and was only charged $175. In April 2012, dead again. GEM service out again. There was a constant electrical hum when the key was turned on and found power to contactor but none from the contactor to the controller. He replaced the DC converter (surepower) at a cost of $450. One month later - dead again, error code 51. What is going on here?? Since October 2011 I have spent $1500 on this car and it is dead again. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

We have three 2002 GEMs that had numerous electrical issues when new, but have been largely trouble free for the past five years. Does it give trouble during or after rain when water could splash up under the dash? We had two electrical fires from DC convertors shorting out after getting wet. We have never had controller problems.


Nope - not after a rain event. I live in San Diego in Ocean Beach and rain is infrequent. The GEM makes a “clunk” sound and immediately triggers the error code 51. I am thinking maybe I have a bad wire harness.

Today I powered of the GEM at the main disconnect, waited a few minutes, turned it on and tried it again. The error code 51 is gone but now have error code 23 and when I press the accelerator error code 11.

error code 23 motor current high in rev electrical fault inspect motor controller

error code 11 accelerator pedal stuck safety lock out check for debris or floor mat lodged under pedal

Nothing is lodged under the pedal - moves freely. Any suggestions?

did you try calling Marlon at the number I left you in a PM? I really think he can help you


Turns out the motor was going bad. It was storing a small charge each time I shut off the vehicle. After a while the charge built up enough and fried the controller. So now I have a new controller, new DC converter, new motor, and a new regulator. Now I just need to make her look pretty and she will be as good as new. Thanks for all the help - you rock.