DC - DC Converter Removal

New to the forum. I’ve had a Think Neighbor since 2006 and it has always had issues. I replaced the batteries and drive it occasionally, but the problems have always been there.

I decided to sell, but I don’t want to sell it with the problems. Here are the problems.
No lights, no turn signals and no horn. This leads me to believe the primary DC - DC Converter has failed.

To investigate further, I need to remove the Front Floor Kick Up. I have the electrical manual pdf, but not the Body Manual. Where can I get a pdf of the Body Manual?

Thanks, Jeff

Sell it on here with the problems. We don’t mind! :slight_smile:

Turns out I have a PDF of the full manual. I probably got it years ago and forgot I had it.

Removing the front Floor Kick Up will be a challenge.

The wiring will reach from one converter to the other. One runs pretty much everything while the second one runs the cigarette lighter. They are very easy to diagnose. 4 wires 72 volts in 12 volts out. Orange wires are your 72 volts power and ground and the red and black wires are the 12 volt power and ground.

Thanks to the advice from David Illingworth, I was able to swap the wiring without removing the floor kick-up. All the accessories are working except the power port, or what use to be called, cigarette lighter.

Now time to sell

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I fixed the problem by swapping the Primary DC-DC Converter with the Optional unit. Still missing a windshield, but now I fell better about selling it. I’ll list it on this site once I figure out how.

Thanks, I was able to get the existing wiring moved around enough to make it work.

Where is the DC Down-Converter (72V to 12V) located in the Think? If 12V is already coming out of it, then can I just tap into it to run an accessory (radio) I’d like to install and not buy a separate DC Down-Converter? Also, where is the best place to tap into a wire for this radio that would only be hot when the Key Switch is in an ON position? (I was told it is NOT good to tap into the actual Key Switch wire (the red one, I think). Thank you.

Could you please send me a copy of the PDF containing the full manual?

I believe I found the manual on ManualsLib.com. Thank you.

There are two dc/dc converters If you need the manual send me your email address.

Thank you for getting them, however my wife listed it for sale and it was gone in a few days. I was able to swap the DC-DC converters so most everything was working, minus the power port. Again thank you

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