DC-DC Converter Question

New question from the guy who bought 11 GEMS!

As I mentioned in a previous post, out of the 11 cars I bought, only 2 have DC-DC converters. All have open recalls still and I’ve been assured by Polaris that the dealers should still honor the recall and give me a new one for free.
Problem is, I’m not at all ready to bring these to a dealer. Can I test the motor, motor controller, and accelerator pedal without the 12v system working, or do these items all rely on 12v signals from in addition to the 72v?

Don’t need 12v to run, but you need it to test other things.
Might as well connect 12v along with the main traction battery for testing.
A QuiQ dci charger has built in 12v converter. May be your best bet.

That’s good news! I do definitely want to test all aspects of the car, including the 12v circuitry, but the motor controller and motor are two of the more expensive components I want to verify work correctly before I commit to repairing the whole car.

Do you have a part number for the dci charger? I think I’ve found one, but just want to double check it’s the correct thing. Also, (I haven’t dug into the service manual yet) what’s the deal with all of the wires going to the DC-DC board? Is that just the “hub” where all 12v devices come together, or is there some sort of logic being performed on this board as well? How much head-scratching am I going to do when I try installing the QuiQ dci charger?

I believe that there is only one model.
Yes, there is logic on board. Nothing difficult to bypass.
Best to get one car working first though.