David Bissen (INWO)

Hey Folks I just wanted to take the time to recognize David. His most recent post of the new chargers he is working on, with the J1772 charge point ( this is the charge point that most public charge stations have) this is somthing that all Gem car users can benefit from.

Well I just wanted to recognize him for all he has done for us ALL here on the Fourm.

Guys like Mike & Rodney & David who answer super techenical questions & help others just because they are good guys should be recognized.

I personally apreciate these guys for what they bring to the Fourm and how they help us all out with our gem cars.

You can pay it forward with a simple thank you or PM. These guys are not getting rich helping us all out a simple thank you go’s a long way. Thanks to the Fourm for supporting this whole experiment :slight_smile:


I personally would not have what or be this far advanced with out the help they have provided

Thank you David Mike & Rodney


Well said Grant, without David’s help my project would have never been possible. He is an invaluable asset.

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I’m going to agree wholeheartedly. Before I ever purchased anything anywhere they were providing information for free.
Many hours of research on line was spent absorbing their knowledge and wisdom (I can only hope I retain that insight).
Many, many thanks to you, our true pioneers of GEM performance and improvements.
I hope to be able to build upon your hard work to enable the next generation of gem owners to enjoy a true plug and play conversion for well under factory costs.

Chris and HBill
Thanks for your post and I like Chris post of his car. If David or Mike or Rodney have help to you please post a picture of your car or whatever they helped you with as a thank you I think everyone would appreciate a picture of what your working with


I think it’s only fair to say thank you to you as well Grant. Without the inspiration of your Ford Grabber Blue project I wouldn’t have known where to begin. Your posts, videos and and knowledge put you on the same level as Dave, Mike and Rodney.

Thank you.

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Aaawww the Blue Beast.
David / Mike McCormick/ Rodney they alll helped me out big time. Mike forced me into Lithium. And David schooled me. Rodney is old School and he still knows his stuff

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Let me chime in here and say that without Dave I would A. not have a great e4 with a Bolt lithium conversion and B. would have blown up a lot more stuff.
The things that Dave has come up with to help this hobby is incredible, from the MM to the Spoofs to the battery harnesses and everything - Hooray Dave and Thank you. You have made this hobby fun and safer for everyone.

Grant - kinghappy and Old_houseboater should not go with recognition as well.
@Inwo - @grantwest - @LithiumGods - @Old_Houseboater

yes will say thanks to Inwo and also to every one on this forum its better then any service manual :slight_smile:

Guess who was his mentor and on his first Lithium conversion :grinning:
Young Jedi learned well.

In all seriousness Dave has electrically advanced this sport like no other . I’m constantly learning from him .

Thanks Dave

And i completely agree on recognizing old houseboater , Rodney rocks .

But Gwest ? umh , umh , umh . He is the prettiest guy on here , he’s got that going for him .

I agree @grantwest, big thanks shout out to @Old_Houseboater and @Inwo and yourself with a nod to the others who pitch in when they can.

I would not have even considered the Leaf Gen 4 battery upgrade had I not seen so much discussion and great details into the system compatibility and workings. Rodney’s helped a ton getting me familiar with the system, sent me a very securely packaged 7.5HP motor which has been patiently waiting on the battery upgrade.

Thanks guys!

I could not give more thanks to Rodney, Grant, Dave, Mike Mc and all the other members who take the time to answer my (and everyone else’s) questions. My build would not be what/where it is without any of you so thank you for all the help. I am in the home stretch and almost ready to hit the streets.


You are going to owe us a bunch of detailed pictures and commentary on that bad boy when done .

New here but I agree. I appreciate them and all of the other members that share their knowledge.

I was at the Electric Bike store. And the conversation turned to Gem cars and I was sharing some information on what we are doing with gems. Because the owner of the bike store knew about Motors and Controllers and BMS’s and Battery’s. We were both talking about different things Bikes VS Cars but they both have the same things in common, he was impressed at what we are doing with cars and his biggest question was Who are you working with on this stuff? & how are you overcoming the Electronic gremlins that are inherent with electronic hot rodding. I had a big smile and said Well Lucky for Me I have a friend that’s a “Gem Car Genius” and comes up with all sorts hacks and overrides and solutions to problems. Thanks David your doing some very cool work for us all.