GSA - David (aka INWO)

Just picked up my GEM from Dave yesterday - I just want to express that it was a great experience and that he truly has the customer in mind.

This is my second purchase from him and he always is true to his word and wants to make sure you understand what you are getting and that you are happy before he will take any of your hard earned money.

If you need batteries, MM, Spoofs and sometimes even GEM’s themselves he is your go-to guy, I cannot recommend him more.

Great guy - and his wife is a sweetheart (sorry Dave, 15 hours of driving I have forgotten her name).

That is all,


Right on I’m glad you hooked up with a Fourm member. David spends a lot of his free time helping people here, and it’s great when Members can do business between each other. I have done lots of business with David and all his stuff is legit

I think you got a very unique car, (having the 20cell Bolt battery)

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I agree, super nice guy and incredibly giving of his time.