Things You are Thankful For

I’ll start with This

Mike KC turned me on to this BBQ sauce

Mike McCormick
Convinced me to switch over to Lithium

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Rodney Made pretty much all the stuff you wanted or Needed. Things like “Lift Kits”. “Ez steer”, Input shafts, Shock Bushings. Vibration Mounts.
Transmissions. The list go’s on and on!


The community here on who so freely give back their knowledge and experience.

I’d like to thank The Academy…

And Dave and Mike for putting up with me when I turned into a completely unreliable beta tester after the world fell apart 9 months ago.

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And David: This guy is a Champion. Dave has made So much and Come up with so many great things for the Gem. We would be in the Dark Ages as far as gem cars Go’s with out him. I mean who else is doing the things he is
Coming up with. I have had. His products is every one of my many cars weathers it’s a Magic Magnet. A Delta Q charger, A voltage Spoof. A BMS, Bolt battery packs. Custom wire harness’s and adaptors. Dave makes all the odds and ends that make things like the AC conversions possible. Along with Mike KC