Dave’s 220v Gen car Charger J1771 Ready

@grantwest I have a DQ off board charger but no programmer. :slight_smile:


Dave do U want me to send back the programmer and then you program and send the off board charger out or do u want me to hold on to it and program it here.
I don’t mind sending it and the Chargery in right away

I don’t know. Should be getting the other prog back soon.
I can get it sent tomorrow if you want to program it.
Wait a day to see what I get in the mail.

@grantwest Send the programmer back. While waiting I’m getting new ideas.
Here I built the J1772 comms into a DQ charger. 12v supplied when connected to Gem battery.
Plug 2 wire anderson into Gem. Power it from public charging station.
This will add $250 to the price of a DQ or use the DQ to J1772 adapter box shown previous.
The Vehicle input wires were not shortened, as I’m not sure how this might work for you.


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I guess it would be cool if the J1172 plug had a 3-4 foot pig tail coming off the charger so you could remote mount the J1172 plug box.

Some success with the 29a J1772 charger. It seems to go to 103v. Needs more testing to see if it still does cc/cv or if it needs to depend on a bms.
Project will probably go on the back burner again, as I haven’t sold any yet. Well, I did sell a couple as is to a buddy in Iowa, as-is. He loves them at 86v stock.
@grantwest, is testing still on the schedule? As normal, I’ll need a guinea pig with lots of time on their hands.
I will try to customize one. Using J1772 will be easier for me, but I can dumbify it if needed.
As of now I can only raise the voltage, but will consider reducing output as well.

If you’re up for it, I may be able to instruct you on the modification, so there would be no need to ship it back and forth.

I’ll start here:

Find these 3 pads. All are B+ out.
Goal is to cut trace where easy to get at. Use exacto-knife or bit in a tip cleaner drill.
MVC-010F MVC-011F MVC-012F MVC-013F
Find this area and orientation of charger.

After cutting trace in 2nd picture, (middle of board), Check for lost continuity from B+ out pad to bottom pad in 1st picture.

When some brave soul gets this far. I’ll post the single component hack.

@grantwest if no time or desire, their are a few on here up for the task. Catch is that they need a J1772 charging station to test it.
You could send the sample charger direct to them rather than returning it.

It needs to be tested before the hack to get a baseline. 86v

Wow Dave is the MAN 103 Volts!!!
At 29 Amps!!! Ok I’ll get my 220 hooked up right away. My 2013 with the J2772 plug is good to go

Oh crap, forgot the watt limit. Need it tested on 120v until I hack the current too.
It will blow up at 2,900 w output.
You need to test it on an 86v battery first. Need a baseline before mods.
If you can’t find the time, I think I can talk @RS_E6 into it. He can tap his green pack for test voltages.

I was going to say I don’t have 220V service in my garage (unless I steal it from my HVAC unit).

@khauner is doing a 24s lithium upgrade.
These may also charge 25s adequately. If not I can adjust them up 3.2v.
$450 charger and J1772 inlet only. As shown!
Quantity pricing available.


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This is great! By chance do you have a 48 volt option?

No, but maybe you can switch to 72v ac power.