Cragar SS Wheels

In my research for wheels and tires I found that Jegs sells Cragar SS wheels that are made specifically for golf carts. Has anyone tried this tire and wheel combination on a Gem? If so, did they require the use of a spacer?

I have these golf cart wheels on my 2002 Gem 4 seater.

4x100mm Bolt pattern fit fine for me, I just got the wrong lugnut type and had to get the 10mmx1.5.

I have low profile 225/30-R14 tires for an overall 19.5” Wheel. Be advised larger wheels take more power and could reduce top speed. Low profile tires look nice but ride terrible, I wouldn’t recommend them unless you drive on a golf course that won’t allow off road tires. I wouldn’t have them if they didn’t come with the rim. More surface area of the tire in contact with the ground takes more torque/power to move and thus reduces your range.


Did a lot of research on the bolt pattern and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer anywhere. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. As a result I decided to measure it for myself and I’m pretty confident that the bolt pattern is 4" and not 100mm. I also measured a factory wheel and determined that it is a 0 off set wheel. Most of the wheels out there required the use of a spacer which I didn’t want to use. I decided to try the Cragar SS which is a 0 off set. Wasn’t sure if I wanted the 12" or the 14". The 12" looked a little small in the front and 14" was really tight fit for the rear. In the end I purchased four 14" wheels and it looks great. Test drove with two people on board and there was no indication that the tire was hitting the rear fender.

Off topic but BMW I3 wheels look interesting. Nice and tall and skinny and light weight. I bet the rolling resistance is way better then anything on the after market offerings. A Gem car could benefit from some light weight high rolling resistance tires & wheels. Pretty hard to beat stock wheels for efficiency,

It would be interesting to see what a light weight set of tires and wheels would do vs standard offerings in a timed race. I bet simply adding light weight wheels would reduce Amp draw and increase Acceleration

Nice rims. Love the color too.

Food for thought 1"= 25.4mm.

I like the color. Definitely beats OEM.