Converted milk float / McLaren F1

Hi I saw this on ebay, and I’ve also seen this in the flesh

now this started off life as a milk float…and has a massive motor, i mean huge.

so I’m thinking on building something similar, nice and low slung so all the weight is low and distrubuted.

but motor wise, here is my thoughts

I’m thinking on taking 4 24v Truck starter motors, out of artics/big rigs, and mounting them radially around a central ring gear of around 12 inches.

the ring gear would be mounted to the otuput of a 4 speed gear box, with the input shaft linked to a fixed differential.

so as in that milk float the final drive from the motor is directly linked to the rear axle, hence 1 to 1 ratio.

so if you start off in 4th grear, your ratio will be say, 1/1 third gear being 1/1.5 second 1/2 first (highest gear) 1/2.5

from the flange on the differential i was going to put a sprocket to run a chain linked to 4 dynamos, link the 4 outputs on the dynamos to a switched load solinoid, and power the solinoid to the brake paedal, so you have a 2 stage braking system, press the pedal down slightly, and it connects the solinoid which kicks in the dynamos, the dynamos will slow the rear axle, as well as charge the batteries a little.

I’d like your thoughts on the above.

What is a milk float?

this is a milk float, top speed 6mph

Hi everyone wasn’t aware of this site until Paul asked me to have a look at it.

Saw the electric Maclaren on ebay I have a electric dragster, currently running 14sec 1/4 mile. Been running it for a few years now. Car is getting progressively faster targeting early 100 mph 13sec 1/4 mile for next year.

If any one needs any advice with regards too making this car faster let me know.

As far as the ideas from Beezlebub

I would suggest you concentrate on the motor control electronics as your number one priority. Spec the Motor(s) from the controller. Regen braking does have it’s advantages but the power recovered could be out weighed by the extra weight you may need to add. Using the correct controller and motor could mean that the regen braking could be integrated into these.

Also don’t forget that a electric motor is massively different to a petrol engine so the need for gearboxes is greatly reduced and sometimes (like our 90mph car) you don’t need one at all saving weight and money.

On a milkfloat I’m sure there is some amount of gearing in the rear differential of about 3:1

For all you electric car people out there is a electric drag racing event at Santa Pod next year check out, we’ll be racing.

Happy to answer any questions,

Okay, I see the milk float, what the hell is it and who made it and for what purpose? Maybe I am a bit dull today, but where does the phrase milk float fit in. So its a top speed 6mph flat bed truck? Hello?

I’d like to know more about the specs on that Beetle, especially the motor/transmission arrangement.

Can someone post a link to the expired auction of the milkfloat mclaren?

I could not find it in eBay.