Ok a total noobie with questions

as the title states i am a total noob but am looking for things i don’t see anywhere as a possibility. i see alot of converstions that all seem to run through the axel to produce power. my questions is why can’t you run 4 electric engines like through a double hairball or something like that cut out the weight of the axle etc and run like a suspension on an atv. granted i am think of a non conversion but i am curious if anyone has thought of this. also wouldn’t it make regen better since reducing the single power plant to multiple smaller power plants to run on. it would also be true 4 wheel drive meaning less force is required less power needed for same result or am i missing something there that is obvious. zilla converters are able to run dual hairballs. also with ones like zilla you can computer control and just maybe run front and rear engines as seperate joint units. also means no need for a tranny or anything cutting parts down somewhat. anyone that has links or anything let me know because this is what i am trying to see if i can do. want to make a 4wheel drive rock crawler like dune buggy but electric. i am thinking like maybe a chain drive at each wheel or finding a way to mount the motors to the wheel themselves may require a torque converter in between to get actual usable power

i don’t know if this is above what most think of or in the wrong area but some thought from people more involved would be great

Whats a double hairball, I am not familiar with the term. But as far as using 4 seperate motors yes that would work but would be much too complicated for the average conversion. Its much easier to connect 1 motor to the transmission input than try to adapt 4 motors to 4 wheels. Controlling the 4 motors would take some thinking too to send the current to the wheel that needs it. Don’t give up on the idea but I would try to find a motor that would work and go from there.

you can’t do regen with series wound motors (zilla, curtis, alltrax)…

i am not thinking regen from the motors themselves i was thinking more like running TEC thermo controllers to convert heat to electricity. on the motors on the brakes since all would heat up. i guess more passive regen.

not sure about how much you’d gain, thermo generators need much much higher heat. If you’re heating motors that hot, you’ve got problems.

Its an interesting idea, it’d be worth trying out on a small scale.

i know the motors may not do much i have found some that are single stage that produce 15.4v at 30c(86 deg). but brakes and such produce high heat getting off the highway and such. they also hold heat because the metals used. i think be good idea have to run sims before i ever build one. cheaper that way lol.
also the single stage tecs i found are only 7.50 each and also have multistage ones as well.

i don’t know have to program a sim to see but anything else to add to this anyone