Have a few technical questions, for the more techy type people

Ok so did a bunch of research but there has been a constant unanswered questions that i have seen been neglected amongst youtube and various forums.
First off, I want a direct drive vehicle…would that require that the differential located in the rear be taken out as well, for a dual motor direct drive or does a motor driving the main axle (of a rear powered if you havent noticed) still be considered direct drive, still keeping the differential in place. also if i was to opt to do the dual motor (one motor per tire) in a case that one motor being less efficient then the other cause drag for that side or could the motors be connected to there secondary shaft to maintain speed unity. next up, regen braking system most people would like to put in as the brake system, Im not too trusting of regen brakes, personal thing, but if i was to put magnets on the axle and have actuating wound wires, as you would see in a generator. would that be a good idea or would that cause too much pull that it may twist the axle to the point of stress fractures.
Thanks for the help guys, and i look forward to hearing your insight.

also for those that may find this thread a help on ways to improve their existing projects, let me give some more ideas, Solar panels on the hood, regen brakes as i stated above…wind turbine generator (where radiator would have had access to rammed air. things to think about it…

Why would you want to use two differently rated motors on the same axle? Why not two identical motors?
I am confused on your brake question. Do you want regen brakes which help to recharge the batts when braking, or electric motor braking like used on the EZGO RVX? Or both?
Using the wheels to generate power while under motion has been discussed many times on the net. Basically you can’t make enough power back as is used to generate it.
Solar panels on the outside has been done… not sure if a wind turbine designed to generate while under motion has been done, but probably.

What type of chassis are you planning to use?

that is what im trying to get at, how can you configure two identical motors direct drive and not impede the turning ratio. I get using two motors, but even if identical there is still a small fraction that will make them unique and as the motors condition and wear it will be more noticable. as for regen braking, instead of having it located on the tires as the braking mechanism (correct me if im wrong on that) but having a braking mechanism located on the drive shaft, not using a motor/generator but making a homemade generator as detailed on my previous comment. hope that clears it up. as for the chasis im still debating on that. more or less i will use a kit car chasis, possible the daytona mustang chasis from factory five. I understand that energy expelled will not be the same or greater then the energy in return, obvoiulsy stated in laws of physics but to be able to gain some of it back will go a long ways if your aiming for atleast a 70-80 top speed vehicle and still maintain a high mileage per charge