Hybrid charging

Hi everyone, I have some questions around charging.
Once I have finished my project, the norm is to plug in into the mains for charging.

I’m considering having some solar panels on the car to generate power as the car stands outside in parking all day.

Another idea I had is if one fits an alternator the the axle and let it only charge when not applying throttle ie. downhill or braking.
For that matter one could fit even up to 4 alternators, one per wheel, to generate power in off throttle situations.

Are there systems out there that can manage charging like this ?
Doing it this way will reduce the need to plug into the mains.

Regen is built in to most modern motor controllers. Your drive motor turns in to a generator when coasting. If your in hilly country there is some benifit. If your in flat terraine not so much.

Excellent, that is good to know :slight_smile: