Conversion of a Nissan Patrol

So I’ve made a post here a month ago, but it was a little too specific and we’ve also made some changes in our plans.
So let me tell you about it.
Our budget is €7000, we initially want a range of 50km (about 30 miles) just to see if it’s something we’re really interested in, after which we could potentially upgrade the battery.
The car is a 1987 Nissan Patrol Long wheelbase Spanish manufactured facelift version with an SD33T diesel.

We want as much or more power than the SD33T, which produces 95PS (or 70 kW; 94hp), and 237NM (or 175LB/FT).
So matching this peak power with an electric motor will already provide this at a few RPM’s, so matching will hopefully still provide a nice performance boost.

Our plan was to keep the Hi-Lo selector, so the motor can run at higher RPM’s for offroading, meaning better air cooling, since this is meant to be a simple conversion, air cooling is probably the best option.

So my question is, what motor should we choose? I think AC would be nice because the old brakes could probably use a regenerative hand.

I will agree with you. It also seems to me that the AC motor is the most profitable solution to this problem.

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