Nissan Patrol conversion

This is my first post here :slight_smile:

Me and my dad want to start an ev conversion on our 1987 Nissan Patrol.

We’ve worked out that’s we want to attach a DC motor (not AC) to our gearbox (not AC because it’s cheaper and simpler)

Now come Batteries. We want about 50km range for a first prototype. But if it works well our plan is to replace the batteries with much bigger ones 100km+ since the truck has LOADS of space.

We have some monster tires on there, so what would be a good way to calculate kWh per km?
This way I can spec out a 50km battery for under €7000(Netherlands)

Thanks for the help!

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Should be on line calculators. My guess for a heavy non-electric car, 400w/km at city speeds.
Double for highway speeds.
That means 1/4 to 1/2 of a Tesla3 battery. 20-40kw.

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Thanks! I’ll see what kind of calculators I can find online!

How far have you got on this @Lolimpol? I’ve got an '85 MQ I dream of doin this to one day. Trying to decide if I swap the 4 speed box out for a 5 speed for now or wait and attempt a full electric swap. Hmmm.