Looking for direction

I have decided to make my current project car a EV. After buying my wife a BionX PL350 electric kit for her bicycle and scooting around on it a couple times i was convinced.

Here is my donor

i am wondering where to look for kits, i have found electroauto.com and e-volks.com but cant really tell the difference between them.

I am looking for something that can do 50km round trip and 100km/h, DC system, and impressive acceleration. seems amp are important for acceleration, how do i find the right batteries?

seems like a motor is a motor, the controller controls amps, but batteries is where i am lost.



Well, first you have to study the electric vehicle mode.

batt–DCAC–electric motor–gear

motor: According to your requirement (50km 100km/h),I think you have to choise the motor aroud 40-50kw peak power and the corresponding gear(I guess your car weight is around 1.2 tons).

batt: I think the lithium battery with 30AH will match your requirements.

DCAC: The DCAC is the motor controllor.