Seat Panda 35 electric convertion - Eolos Project

I have the project to convert an old model of Seat Panda into electric but as far as I’m not an engineer, i have many doubts.

The car is 680kg weight (1200lbs) w/ engine, and has 35 CV at 5600 RPM. It can reach 133 km/h (83mph). I chose this car due to light weight. My purpose is to test a system of my invention that could make the batteries reload while the car is marching.

I would settle for a max speed of 120km/h (75mph), or even 80km/h (50mph). The point of the experiment is to test the system, so max speed is not that relevant.

I would like to keep the maximum original pieces I can, transmission and gearbox as well.

My questions are:
a) Which engine do I need? I have no budget but I would like to know options that have a good price/performance ratio.
b) Knowing the engine, which were the suitable batteries? Would the original one do the job? Could it work combined with the gearbox? I mean, the function of a gearbox it to change the rpm of the engine into suitable torque (hope it’s the right word) acording to the needs of the moment. When 1st gear, more power than speed and 5th more speed than power.

Thank you so much.

PS: I had a better explained question but I lost the file. Hope I’ve done it good now. :slight_smile: