Completely new to these Gem Vehicles

Hi I bought a 2007 E2 last year. Everything was fine previous owner just put in new batteries. Of course I have kids here. I stored it away in the garage for the winter. Came out yesterday someone had unplugged it. Charged for 12 hrs. Nothing. I’ve read to charge each battery on its own but I can’t get the damn seat off! I know it’s something simple can you guys help a old man out here. I don’t want to break anything.

I have a four seat, so not sure on yours.
Usually, you just pull briskly in an upward motion grasping near the center of the forward portion of the bottom seat cushion. Mine has a nylon strap handle to pull. That releases the rubber ball and socket connection. I’m not sure two seaters have this same retainer.
Once you have the front of the seat up and free, pull the entire seat bottom toward the front of the car and it should lift out and away from the car.
Again, not sure this works on your two seater.

Thank you. I feel stupid but glad i asked!! Thanks again.