Just bought my first GEM

Hello all,

I just bought a 2000 GEM e4, I work as a Farrier (horse shoer) and found this in one of my customers barns. It was covered under about inch of hay and horsecrap. It’s been parked for a year and a half, but got new batteries when parked. I’m using a home made battery reviver currently and have saved 3 batteries, hopefully the other 3 will survive as well.

So here is my question:
This thing is really dirty, I was able to remove the front seats and the rear bench, but how do you remove the rear seat back? it is loaded with crud around the top and would be well served to come out and be cleaned properly.

I know its an older model, but overall the condition of it (under the dirt and mud) is pretty nice. It was indoors, just in a barn.

Okey doke, after reading just about every post on this forum, I found the 2 screws behind the taillights that held the seat back. It came off real easily after that and wow was is full of spiders, yikes. They are all gone now and the seat has been properly cleaned. Even though no one was able to respond to this post, this site was and still has been a bunch of help, thanks.
I’ll post pics when I’m allowed.

What type of batteries did yours have?
Are you selling it?
What part of the country are you in?


  1. They are deep cycle maintenance free RV batteries.
  2. I’m going to sell it. Just waiting to clear the title (had to do a lien sale as it was transferred to the previous owner through a divorce, not a problem though as it was written in the divorce decree)
  3. I’m in northern San Bernardino, Southern California
  4. I would post pics, but not allowed yet. (but it looks very clean, with a few minor nicks and scratches)
  5. it has 126 miles and 1126 hours
  6. No fault codes.
  7. It has the QuiQ Charger, by Delta-Q

126 miles in 1126 hours? That works out to an average speed of 0.111 MPH! Are you sure about the year? 2000 did not come with the Delta Q charger. Were is the charger located inside the GEM?


Charger is in the dash, I don’t know the history of it, but it runs great!

[quote=GEMmechanic;17572]126 miles in 1126 hours? That works out to an average speed of 0.111 MPH!


I didn’t catch this the first time round lol, must be 1126 miles 126 hours.

What is the easiest way to remove the front seats of my gem car?