2005 e2 gem

Just purchased a 2005 e2 gem with 2500 miles on it. Batteries are about 6 months old and has after market tires and rims. My question is…I’m trying to get to the batteries to check them and I can’t get the bench seat off to get to the batteries. There is a strap sticking out and I’ve pulled around on it but the seat won’t move, seems to be anchored somehow. Tried flipping the seat forward, easing it out side to side but still staying put. Any tips or tricks dealing with my e2 would be appreciated, never had anything like this before and boy is it fun to drive !!! Cheryl

Pull up HARD. There is a friction catch under the seat.

Thank you so much

hi I have same car I just pull strap and it easily comes up ,unless someone spilled an adhesive or the like ,may just take breaking it loose, now a question for you what kind of batteries do you use ? just reg. marine boat batteries?? HELP PLEASE