Removing batteries on 2000 e825 4 seater

Got most of my problems sorted out on my unit thanks to old house boater and the others that have offered help. My newest one is strange. My rear batteries have a starboard material under them which has cracked and is now hanging below the underbelly causing this material to catch from time to time. I have cut a new piece slightly thicker and soil closer to the actual size the supports will allow to maximize the support. But I think Rube Goldberg was involved in fitting these batteries because for the life of me I can’t seem to get them out. I have even gone so far as removing rear spat thinking that there would be just enough room to slide them through. Nope. Any information on those that have done this process before. I am really concidering turning in my man card over this cart and the headaches it has caused. Thanks guys

So you have a 2000. I’m not sure if the rear configuration is the same as in my 2001-2002. It’s possible you have what’s called a “Trans 2” its possabe your battery tray is a bit smaller? Because if you have standard group 31 batterys you should be able to remove them starting with the drivers side rear first. Make the battery pop a wheelie and stand it on its end and then lift it straight up. You may have to remove the center seat support and the. Do the same with the other batterys. Hope that works

Use your channel locks on the battery post and pull them out end up as per Grant. You ought to have a set of T1275’s They REALLY give you a work out.