First time installation of 2008 GEM e2 batteries

All right guys how to I get the long black bar that goes threw all four of the DECA Jel battery lift handles on my e2 GEM car out? With a metal saw? It’s a 2008 model and this the first removal of its batteries. 16 years on the originals… No bad, Huh?

There is a hold-down clamp on each end. Just take the nuts off and lift out.

16 years on an '08 huh? I’ve only gotten ten years on my 2009 so far.

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Sorry, I meant to say… 11 years. I type slow and my brain is even slower. Thanks for your answer, but the black bar is about four foot + and just can’t be lifted out after taking the end clips out. I’ had two other people of above room temperature IQ look at it also and It can’t be just “lifted out” per your suggestion. the bar passes through the four lifting handles of the batteries that are about 6 Inches below the level of the seat. I have viewed several videos on line of older GEM cars (2000-2005) and they did not have a similar black retaining bar. I have a 2008 e2 Aniversary limited Edition model. Per emblems on the dash and rear end of the car. Thank you any how.

My GEM isn’t at this house right now, so I cannot go look or take pictures. But I don’t believe mine has the bar running through the battery handles. Many years ago I had to replace one battery and I certainly do not recall it being that difficult.
Can the battery handles be flexed enough to remove them from the batteries?

Sounds like some one did some tricky install with the black bar. (Going threw the lift handles)

Can the lift handles be taken off?

I remember that once the hold down hooks are taken off at each end the bar can be slid from side to side a few inches. Would this be enough to get the black bar out of the 2 battery’s at each side? Then your only dealing the 2 battery’s in the center.

Bottom line I’m sure there is a easy way to get that bar out. You just have to have the right method

on my 2008 i was need to remove the lift handles then change battery
it was factory install i think they do this first and there are lot of space on battery side

I removed one side of each handle by using a needle hose pliers to remove the small plastic pin in each battery handle (a pain in the tush). Then the GD bar was able to be removed! A few of you super GEM mechanic’s suggested this process. God Bless you guys for taking the time to help me… MAGA.

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