Front bench won't release to lift it out

I have a 2007 gem car. I can’t get the front bench seat to lift up and out to check water level in batteries. I had A 2001 gem car. The front bench seat just lift up and out.

Grab the strap and give it a really good tug upwards. They can be quite difficult to get to release. I’d guess it takes a good 50lbs or more of force to get mine free. I’m always afraid I’m going to break something when I do it but it’s been good so far.

Thanks so very much. That worked. Was afraid I’d break the strap. But got it released and seat removed. Appreciate your time.

Next time you have it up- put a few drops of dish soap in the rubber cup and chase them around in there with your finger. See if that helps.

Thanks so much for this tip. I will definitely try this. Thanks for your time