Code -51

i have a 2002 gem car that stopped charging the batteries. It was recharging up until a few days ago, batteries are less than a year old. The best i could for this code was that it is a control motor issue,any ideas? Is this an easy fix or a prodution, also what would a new control motor go for. Thanks

Are you able to check the fuses and connections?

Yes. fuse are good connections look good.

I’d check each individual battery to see if you have a dead cell. I had a similar situation and discovered one battery was dead. I don’t know if it was causal or coincidence but the on board charger wasn’t working. I diagnosed this by testing the voltage across the entire battery set with it plugged in and unplugged. No difference in voltage reading means charger not working. In my case I had a QuickCharge Corp OB7210 charger installed and they repaired it under warranty. I also replaced the Interstate batteries w/ Trojans at the same time.


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