2002 Gem Code 51

I guess I need to start this post by saying that I am not very mechanical, but I do have a multi-meter and can use it.

As we were riding the GEM the other night, the display showed 65% with a mile before we arrived back home. There was a slight surge in power, then nothing. The display was black and no power, so we were stranded.

After returning to the cart, we put the GEM in “neutral” and started pulling the cart home very slowly. After 200 yards of towing, the display reappeared with code 51. Still no power, but there was a sign of life.

Using my multi-meter, I did a little troubleshooting…

From the batteries, I have 72+ volts coming into the right side of the controller
I have only 60 volts coming out from the left side of the controller to supply the mechanism that normally creates the clunk sound when the parking brake is disengaged. I assume that is called a contact or relay, but don’t know.

Does anyone have a T-2 controller available for sale? I assume that is what I need. Thanks.

I wouldn’t give up on the controller just yet.

I would look for a bad contact in the battery pack.
If it has been a while, start at the first battery, remove that cable connection, give it a good clean and bolt it back down.

Look for a loose cable, dirty or corroded terminal or a bad crimp on the wire. You have four batteries under the seat and a main battery switch that could be causing issues. Then move up forward to the two under the hood.

While you are at it, When was the last time you checked the water levels?

Your battery test sounds suspect. When using your meter you should go across the two top connections on the controller. B+ should be the left one and B- should be the right.
What is that reading? (be accurate- don’t say 72v.)

When you plug in the car to charge does it finish a cycle and go to green light?

Tip: Next time you need to tow it home, do it with the key off.

Report back with what you find.