Error Code 51 after hitting Bump in the road

Coming home after a 15 minute ride with Batteries fully charged (2005 GEM), I hit a small bump in the road and immediately motor cut out and error code 51 displayed. I pushed it home to driveway.
I then checked all of the voltages on batteries, all were within .13 volts of each other 12.15 to 12.28 . All terminals were tight. I charged the car overnight and still no change.
Has anyone experienced this?

When you hit that bump you may have caused a momentary electrical spike because of a bad connection or momentary grounding somewhere in the electrical system of the cart. This could be a bear to track down.

Usually a non resetting 51 error results in a trip to the rebuild shop.

Shut off your main switch for 2 minutes. to reset the controller

Turned off power switch for an hour and no resolve.
Disconnected main power from battery for several hours. No resolve.
I guess im sending you controller.
let me know your thoughts.

Kingfisher and Inwo Chime in

Its important to determine the cause of the of the problem. I will be happy to get your controller serviced but you don’t want to get the controller back . And hit another bump. PM Me


When do you get -51 now?

2005 Is that a T3?

Where should i look for shorts in the system. Aside from obvious spots.

yes I believe it is a t3

When do you get error?
As soon as key is turned on?

As soon as key is on.

Not sure I can help. If it were here I could try clearing the code with programmer, and monitor voltages and switches.
I have a controller here that would allow me to simulate problem. It may be more work than I’m able to offer.

If you can check voltages at P1 and P2 of controller it might show something.
I don’t know how these controllers get pre-charge. There is no power to them until “key on”.

I’ll see if I can get some free time tomorrow.

Thanks for the info. I will check the voltages in the morning.
Where can I get a programmer and roughly how much are they?

Easiest place to check is at main cont. coil.

I have experienced this:joy: