Clicking but wont go

i have a gem E825 flat bed and i keep getting code 11 the cart wont go and i hear a loud popping coming from a large solenoid under the dash some time it works i will drive a few feet then it stops and the popping noise starts can anyone please help me with this

Rodney might know.
Meanwhile the manual tells you to check pin 3 of 23p controller.

Start switch is mis-adjusted or defective

Input voltage at P3 should be greater than
2.5 volts at key switch closure. Adjust or
replace accelerator unit to insure that the
voltage at P3 greater than 2.5 volts before
closing the start switch.

code 11 usually means that the throttle is depressed when you turn on the key. The first thing to look for is the rubber floor mat shoved up against the back of the pedal assembly and not letting the pedal return fully. After that it gets more involved. Use the trouble shooting tree in the manual.