2002 gem car

I’m getting a code 11 and I changed out the switch and it still comes up code 11 what else could it be

Disconnect a wire on the switch. See if it clears the code.
If it does then switch is wired or adjusted wrong.

!st place to look is to see if the floor mat is under the back of the pedal holding it partially engaged. Hold your heel on the back of the pedal hard,
when you turn the key on to see if that makes the problem go away. I put 2 screws thru the floor mat to keep it away from the pedal on all my builds

Code 11 is also many times caused by the potentiometer being out of adjustment OR becoming fouled internally.

If it is too far advanced when the switch is made you get a code 11 This is to prevent car from jumping forward.

Fouling internally tells the controller that it is advanced when the switch is made and this also causes a code 11.

A potential cure is drowning the potentiometer in contact cleaner thru the mini openings where the terminals exit the case.

I use WD40 but it makes my electronic friends puke.

Potentiometers are a low cost item to replace. However getting the adjustment right can be a PITA

Jack and block the front end securely off the ground and have at it.


I will check it in the am thanks

Thanks for all the help I think it was my spring is broke now I need to find a place to get the spring

Read this


Thanks Rodney got the parts ordered.

Where can I find the body parts for it?

Here is as good a place as any to post your needs. Some of our guys are parting out cars. Ebay is another source.

Need help washed my car no won’t run One long tone and three short tone