Citroen c1 EVie

I drive a converted citroen c1, the basic components in the car are god known quality stuff. The original conversion made by a company in UK has some known issues.

[li]motor coupler weak
[/li][li]BMS closed source and charge the thundersky aha160 batteries to a to high voltage.
[/li][li]The heater use to much power, and also become defect fast

I made a small pdf file covering the workarounds i made for these issues.

A total BMS ‘transplant’ are made, and the ECCplc BMS is gone forever in my EV, a new motor coupler is fitted last week, and also a eberspacher heater is fitted instead of the old heater.

The main components in the car are:

[li]thundersky aha160 26 (28) pcs
[/li][li]Zivan ng3 charger
[/li][li]Curtis 1238
[/li][li]Ac motor Hpevs 31-01