Chrysler Pacifica battery packs

I learned today that EV West had Pacifica batteries in their test mule BMW.

A quick ebay search only shows one seller but the price is comparable to the Volts. Seem to have more protection in regards to the case.

Looks good if they can be split easily into 2p8s. Then 3 will be a 24s 90ah battery.
Like we do with the 16s Spark/Volt.

I was just thinking people would bolt two together for 96v and call it a day. :sunglasses:

Module Voltage spec

Maximum Voltage: 67.2V

Nominal Voltage: 59.2V

Minimum Voltage: 48V

This is why we love you.

I’ve used 16s before. They work great if split into 8s.

they dont list ah , my calc says 49ah ?

I don’t think they split, I have looked that them several times. They look promising are first but in further investigation, not so sure.