Chargery and ford cmax batteries

Hi. I am new to the forum and new to li ion batteries. Have played with lipo in rc toys but have always had a smart charger for those.
I am working on a new toy now in a bigger scale. It was powered by a 12 v agm u1 battery. Which I believe was 35 ah. It now has different motors and speed controllers, which are capable of up to 6s. I have bought ford c max batteries to power it.
These are the 4.2 volt, 5.5 ah li ion cells. I am thinking I will run 12 of these in a 6s 2p set up. I am used to chargers that are a lot smaller than this. Biggest thing I knew of before I found this forum was a powerlab 8. Now I’m seeing these CHARGERY units.
I am looking for a bit of an education on these chargers and batteries. Am half wondering if I still could use a powerlab 8, and a chargery system. I see that a lot of you use bottom balancing. Never heard of that before either. Also do you put a set of main leads on these and a balance set? I see that ford had a heavy main positive then a small individual negative to each cell.
Is there individuals here that represent and or sell chargery? It kind of looks like there’s one or two, but you never know till you ask. Any info you all want to pass along on any or all of this will be appeciated. Thank you. Kas

I have usa stock of Chargery.

Hello Inwo. I thought that you were involved with chargery somehow. Any opinion which model would work best with the cmax cells? How well does chargery relate to li ion. As I understand it, these can be discharged down to 2.75v. I don’t think the powerlab8 has programming to use the lower voltage than lipo. Does chargery? Do you sell direct to consumer? Wholesaler? After I posted this I came across a rather scathing review on another forum. I think it was on a 4012? I got to say I’m a little concerned after reading that, but have read enough to still be interested. Thank you for your time. Kas

Yes, that was a beta unit I sent to a friend. The first ones were lemons, as was the first bms 24.
I no longer get help from the factory, but keep USA stock of the products that are working good.
C10325 is a great charger, I use them every day.
As it does all chemistries from lead and lto to if lithion, it will start charging at very low soc. It also has power supply mode that works for testing or charging dead batteries.
It will not charge single cells, but will reach 100v on the top.
I sell them for $350.

Leave a note if you want one.
I also have bms-24t, bms-16, bms-16t, and a few odds and ends.

Inwo, if you don’t get help from the factory, what happens with warrenty? Also, do you do any repair on them, or do you send back to the factory? And how much for a bms24t? Thanks again. Kas

That’s the issue. For warranty, customer must return to factory.
The bms-24t is $300 and I can often do repairs here. Serious damage from mis-wiring can sometimes be irreparable.
The only advantage to buying from my inventory is faster delivery.

Hey Inwo. Was wondering what you used for shipping on the charger I ordered. Haven’t seen it yet. Thanks, KAS.

Do you know the date and PayPal name? I’m not seeing anything around the 18th.

Never mind, I see it now. Let me check.



Ken Sutterby


FedEx Standard Rate

Feb. 19.,$514.80, Ken Sutterby

FedEx driver put it at unused, elevated, no steps, snow piled up, no access front door. Never mind the shoveled, salted, flat, walk in. Thank you for looking up the tracking. Ken Sutterby