Charger fuse issue

I have a 2002 gem that is now blowing the charger fuse when I plug it in. Any suggestions on where to start to find the problem. Wires going to charger fine no short there. Could it be internal in charger? Thanks.

What charger is it?
Is this the input fuse?
Was there a recent event that may have damaged the Charger? Lightning strike, rain, locusts,
Depending on how handy are you with basic tools, and if you consider yourself electrically aware then remove the charger for a quick exam on your bench.

See if you can remove the cover and look for any clues that don’t look right. Be aware that there may be residual charge in components so don’t randomly poke at things with your fingers and tools.

Corrosion on components might have been from water intrusion.

Burned or discolored components mean the charger was working hard, bad connection or solder joint. The fan may have given up and caused the whole unit to overheat and caused a meltdown.

The rough ride nature of you car may have shaken something loose and it is bumping around in there.

Depending on what you find it may be recoverable. Most likely not, so it may be time to troll for an upgrade.