Change the look of your EV with a fibreglass body kit

There are many examples of electric vehicles which have had fibreglass body kits fitted that make a massive difference to the way they look. We thought it would be interesting for members to post photographs of their own EV body kits maybe showing a before and after image?

Until you actually see pictures of these groundbreaking body kits it can be difficult for some people to appreciate the massive difference they make. So maybe next time you’re looking to change your electric vehicle, maybe consider a new body kit and a new makeover instead?

All I need is some blue foam, fiberglass and time…The GEM will Fly…
Go look at the.Twizy Renaultsport F1

I have only seen kits for golf carts. Never seen one for a GEM.
I have seen Mercedes, Lincoln’s, Hummers, BMW’s, Jaguars etc. bodies on golf carts in AZ when visiting my folks.

I think EV body kits and spoilers could be a potentially enormous market in the future.