New EV with interchangeable bodies

A project I was designing in 2013 was an EV core cockpit power plant that had quick interchange body styles. The optional bodies were to be available at a very low cost, as they were basically just nice shells to change the vehicles abilities from car, to truck, to van. Seemed like a cool idea at the time, modular being so popular.

Repost your pictures but remove

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They seem to be working now. The first few time I was trying to post them from my FB page, they did not work. After going directly to picture, the links worked. I tried removing the [IMG] before the http but they did not work until I went directly to the picture storage link, (not the FB page)

Modularity is the future in many industries. Let’s hope manufacturers will understand this. It’s definitely the right step to the future.

Many custom body’s are available for Club Car and EZGO Carts and NEV’s