New Concept EMF-1


I posted in the newbee forum but thought I’d throw my idea in here. I’ve created a concept EV based on the Tesla with a few twists. It’s a 2+2 seat (smaller rear seats) with the ability to remove rear seats and add battery modules. This would keep the whole package size and weight down while giving the owner some options. The main battery would be modular and replaceable by the owner. I personally would not want to purchase something that’s half the price of my house only to find out that it died after 80K miles. I’d at least want the control of bringing it back to life in my own garage. Another trick is to use lightweight materials while maintaining some degree of occupant safety. The specs I came up with for range and charge time are simply what I would find tolerable and not based on engineering research. It can be seen here and I’m working on a convertible model. Hey, It may be a pointless exercise but fun to me. :slight_smile: