Starting with research

Hi All,

I’m starting a project to convert a VW Kharman-Ghia convertible to an EV.

I’m trying to price out the components and am starting with research and a lot of reading.

I want the range to be between 100 and125 miles between charges. I also want to use light weight batteries. Seems like lithium batteries will give me that. The estimate on curb weight will be between 2500 and 2700 lbs. when I’m done. Top speed does not need to above 70mph. I’m thinking of using a Netgain WarP9 motor.

I’m trying to understand how to size the overall voltage (between 180v and 240v I read in one source)and the type of lithium batteries I’ll need (make and model).

I was at the A123 site and liked a couple of their configurations of batteries.

Any advice, sources of info experiences is greatly appreciated.

Jamie :yo: