120 volts vs 72 volts (with Li-Ion)

Hi All,

First post to this forum and was wondering from the wealth of experience here if I could get a view on my current EV project.

Vehicle details are:
Extreme light vehicle (Smallest pickup in the world – Suzuki Mighty Boy) Curb weight of 1323 lbs and GVW of 2094 lbs
Motor ADC 8” model 203-06-4001

Now I had planned to use a Curtis control and 120 volts (40 -90Ah Thundesky batteries) but with prices still very high have decided to review that and look at going down to 72 volts (24 -90Ah Thundesky batteries = 6.4Kwpack and would look at 80% DOD maybe?) with a Alltrax controller (I have always liked its features over the Cutris but they don’t make a higher voltage model anyway)

So My question is – given the EV is extremely light and only a town car and 99% of its use will be at under 40 mph what range on flat ground could I get with the Thundershy li-Ion 72 volt battery pack? I would like to see a 25 mile range if possible.

Any view welcome!