Controller advice

Well, just selecting a few little beauties for my motorcycle. I have an 81 honda 750 that i’ve hacked up, gutted and primed. I’m going to use 8-10 energizer 31ah AGM 12v batteries on a 48v system, i’ve already picked up my motor, the D&D systems ES-33 (similar to the ADC k9-4003); 8hp continuous, 35 peakhp

Now i’m just poking around for a suitable controller and looking for a little input to make sure i’m not overlooking anything blaringly obvious. My motor is a 24-48v unit that can run up to 96v (but will be run at 48) at 125 amps for 8hp.

Now seeing as 8hp is roughly 6kw, 6k/48v = 125 continuous amps, and at a peak 35hp is 27kw, requiring 562 amps at 48v (for a small period of time)- so id need a 130amp continuous, 500amp peak (i dont need that last bit of juice) controller for the motor

advice, corrections, input?

naturally i’m going for a controller that supports a 3wire 0-5kohm magura twistgrip throttle


Curtis has a lot of controller models. They seem to be reliable for low amp situations at a reasonable price.

You do realize that for the most part low voltage means low speed? With 48V system I would expect a maximum speed of 40mph. For most 70mph evs 144v is fairly standard, with more people going to 196v.


Yes i know its not going to be a lawbreaker speed wise, its going to be my daily driver for work. And as i said the motor can support up to 96 volts. Not to mention most of the distance is on flat ground so i can always regear the chain for less torque and more speed- AKA just throw a bigger wheel sprocket on.

Keeping in mind of course that it’s a motorcycle and not a car, and most of the original bike is gone. the frame alone is light enough to carry around with one hand