M-BEAM Race Team

Hi. We are a small group of engineers and EV enthusiasts, working out of our garage, that have converted a 2004 VW Golf into an electric vehicle. But our EV is a little different than others… We are using this as a proof of concept to illustrate the modular battery exchange concept. Instead of having one big battery that needs to be charged up, we have multiple smaller batteries that can be exchanged easily for fully charged ones. We are planning a trip across the country to prove out this concept and are hoping to set a world record for fastest crossing in an EV: 60 hours. We are trying to get the word out to people about our challenge, the idea, and to promote the feasibility and future of electric vehicles. If if you want to know more about us, you can check out our website at modularexchange com or like us on Facebook (M-BEAM) or follow on Twitter (MBEAMX) or PM me!