Style over Efficiency

Is adding a body kit to your standard electric car detrimental for the battery in the long run?

I know the bodies are designed with efficiency in mind. i doubt there are any body kits out there that do anything other than increase drag. but i suggest you do it anyway because im sick of seeing silly little EV boxes. i would take the hit and do your part to make the EV world cooler.

I tend to agree with evinstitute, you’re already saving money buy driving an EV in the first place. Don’t worry too much about the, in my opinion, slightly detrimental effects a body kit could have. When I get my first EV one of the first things I’ll be doing, when I have the money, is making it look cooler.

I think it all depends on what car and kit it is… I’ve seen some for civics that actually increase the efficiency.

Thanks all

If anyone has any pictures of body kits and accessories which they have added to their electric vehicles, I for one would be very interested in looking at them.