Carbon offsetting - motor industry

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As many of you might know, carbon offsetting is the idea of reducing your carbon footprint by paying an additional fund depending how where or how much you travel. The money goes to fund carbon reducing/negative activities…things like renewable energy, recycling etc. Now, an award-winning online company is offering to pay for the carbon offsets of cars purchased with them, well, the first three tonnes or so anyway.

But how much would it help the environment if AutoeBid did this for all their customers first 12,000 miles? AutoeBid in the Press With greenhouse gasses believed to be the main contributing factor to climate change surely this is only a good thing so why is AutoeBid the only company doing this?!

I think this is a great scheme! I believe the public would want to and feel obligated to offset their emissions, but I understand that it does just feel like yet another tax on top of already hardened times. However, if this company is offering to offset our emissions for us and for no extra cost, surely people would go for this.

I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks about this. What are the pro/cons of us offsetting our vehicles? Would schemes like this encourage you to buy from this dealer and if not do you feel like you would want to offset your own vehicle?

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But how much would it help the environment[/QUOTE]None.

[QUOTE=David2010;7234]I think this is a great [U]scheme[/U]! [/QUOTE]You mean [U]SCAM[/U] just like CAP-N-TAX :smash: :mad: