Like most of the threads I’ve seen, I’m new to the EV world. I’m at the start of my research into an EV conversion and funding is my biggest hurdle. My question is.

Has anyone explored the possibility of outside sponsorship to offset the cost of the conversion?

What I mean, is approaching a company for a substantial discount on batteries or motors in exchange for posting the name on the side of the car and/or appearances.

I know the approach is successful from NASCAR to Jared at Subway.

My dad works in the industry (a diary plant). He got some of his buddies to give him a refurbished fork lift motor that the plant wasn’t using. He talked to the guy that supplies his plant with batteries, and he can get a discount (we think).

Even if you don’t work in the industry, I would suggest networking. See who your friends know.

OK, this is not really a sponsorship as much as asking for favors.
It can’t hurt to ask.

Hope this helps

Being a Justice Brothers Chemical rep. I give customers a better deal who are running my stickers on delivery trucks or race cars.

Thanks for the input. I like the idea of a discount. I’m a professional buyer for a small company and I know about many of the discounts offered by salesmen.

I also have a few “hair-brained” ideas of my own I may try.