California Ev Conversion grant?

Is there any type of grant or free money to help in an ev conversion? I really want to start an ev conversion but I dont have a lot of cash to spend? Any info would be much appreciated.

I searched online and actually found some grants you guys might want to take a look at.

any more info about this?

I looked into this too. I found the same site as posted above. I emailed the people involved and the bottom line was: you don’t want to be a snowball in that hell. The little guy, one-off, you-and-me joe blow doing a conversion will see no money from the ca gov grant program. CA gov has no money anyway.

I wrote to all my gov agencies…local, county and state. Results was NADA.
Not a dime available.

If you were doing your thesis on ‘modular dynamic aerodynamic variation effects on drag and lift in an electric automotive transportation device’ then you might have a chance…if you are a liberal.:wink: