Bi Weekly Charging

(also published in DIY section)

I want to turn on my battery charger for 10 hours every 2 weeks while i’m out of town.

Charger draws 12 amps

Has to be on 12 hours

How do I do this?

Purchase one Defiant model 49814 7 day timer ($24.97) and one Defiant 15 amp 24 hour timer model 49829 ($14.97) from Home Deopt.

Set the 7 day timer for 12 hours on time every 7th day

Set the 24 hour timer for 12 hours on time.

This will power the charger for 10 + 2 hours every 2 weeks.

Nice idea Rodney. And most power companies have lower rates on non-peak hours. So you could set it to charge in the wee hours of the morning and cut down the already minimal cost. :wink:

It will hit the off peak every 2nd cycle.