Best Battery Recommendations for working EVs

What are some good recommendations for me to entertain for battery packs for several electric vehicles for great reliability, simplicity and safety:

312VDC pack with 40-100Ah / 12-25kWh, 600-800lb or if 12V modules: 25- 35lb each. 250A max draw. Would like 6-10 years life and 15-20,000 miles with no maintenance or checking. Sealed lead-acid or Lithium. This is for an all composite Sunrise sedan. Has anyone had great experience with the 32lb, 35Ah Hawker Genesis 12V module for lifetime in EV applications? My past experiences with it were very short lifetime. Any other lead acid choices with great experiences? Best suggestions for Lithium choices, again stressing simplicity and safety so the car won’t catch on fire.

144-156VDC pack with 50-100Ah / 8-15kWh, 500-800lb or if 12V modules: 40-60 lb each. 250A max draw. Sealed lead-acid or Lithium. Would like 6-10 years life and 20-25,000 miles with no maintenance or checking.

144VDC pack with 15-30Ah in NiMH or Lithium 100-200lb, 80A max draw with 6-10 years life 10-15,000 mile life with no checking

Any ideas, questions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated?